“You must realise, you are doomed.”

The title is a quote, recited by our favourite coughing cyborg from Star Wars. This brilliant LEGO build by Marcin Otreba captures the essence of General Grievous’ grim looking form. The skull-like features of the helmet are well defined and detailed while still staying true to the thin alien style of the head. But the best part has to be the piercing eyes of the model. Created simply by a tooth plate over a gold circular piece, this technique captures the animalistic nature in Grievous’ eyes. The use of dark red as flesh around the eyes suggests that there might be something even worse under this menacing mask.

General Grievous Head

The model surprisingly uses a lot of larger pieces such as the curved wedges at the head and long wedges at the collar of the neck. Often, using bulkier parts can be difficult, as it can be easier to use a combination of smaller parts to create more realistic shaping. However, Marcin has blended these hefty parts expertly into the model and demonstrates his LEGO knowledge through his selection of pieces to form Grievous’ head.

The ear segments are beautifully shaped and adds to the daunting aesthetic of the helmet. It makes the head feel sharp and elongated which encourages the idea that Grievous is a foe not to be messed with. The tubing along the neck is very accurate to the original design and you can tell Marcin has studied Grievous’ face in great detail.

The curved texture for the back of the head completes the rounded shape of the skull. There are also some nice mechanical details around this part of the head, with wheel and barrel pieces used to create the thin neck.

Marcin has portrayed the serious look of Grievous perfectly, while retaining the robotic features of the original design. The is a fantastic head sculpt and conveys the menacing demeanour of this droid general.