New LEGO Super Mario starter set featuring Luigi revealed online [News]

Amazon China has just revealed the upcoming extension for the LEGO Super Mario theme. The new starter course, 71387 Adventures with Luigi, will include Mario’s brother in his signature green outfit. The set is similar to the last year’s 71360 Adventures with Mario set, but will be 50 pieces bigger consisting of 280 elements. According to Amazon, the set is priced at ¥420.64, so we expect price tags around US $60 and 60€ in other regions.

4 comments on “New LEGO Super Mario starter set featuring Luigi revealed online [News]

  1. Robert M.

    Looks extremely nice, especially with the Bone Goomba, Pink Yoshi, and Boom Boom, to say nothing of Luigi himself – interested in seeing what this means for multiplayer use of the sets/app. The builds of this don’t look as versatile as the original Mario Starter Set, but seem like very strong supplements.

  2. Rob

    I’m confused by the strategy of only having Mario or Luigi in one set. Around the holidays every lego set was sold out, except all the Mario sets that didn’t have Mario. Just seems like there could be a better strategy, like also selling the figure on its own.

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