Crouching golem, hidden puma

Jonas Kramm never stops to amaze me. He always manages to incorporate the weirdest parts in the most original manner. This golem is no exception. I know for sure that this golem would not get past border security because it is smuggling contraband. There is at least one troll (minus the arms) and two pumas hiding in this golem figure. The foliage and little critters attached to the golem’s back add to the likability of this critter. It is also nice to see the 4×4 Belville mushroom top. The entire creation looks mystical and magical.

Tree Golem | 101 pieces

4 comments on “Crouching golem, hidden puma

  1. Jonah Schultz

    Nice! I always love seeing what Jonas Kramm comes up with. I thought I’d mention too that this actually is no Lord of the Rings character, but a golem (close but not quite), a fantasy creature made out of lifeless matter (often clay) and animated by magic ;)

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