Who needs a hawk or falcon when you have a dragon?

Falconry – the practice of training birds of prey to hunt with/for humans – is an ancient tradition. For centuries, we’ve revered raptors. And in popular culture, movies captivate us with images of both medieval and tribal figures sharing relationships with these fierce birds. But perhaps in another, more magical world, dragons fill the role. Ever-talented LEGO builder Joss Woodyard has brought the chief of some distant culture to life, along with his small, fiery beast. Who said dragons have to be giant?

Chief Ironscale

As always, with Jayfa’s builds, the character is clad in awesome elements (love those dark red spikes!) and stands in a commanding pose. Of course, the best part is the ode to the original LEGO Castle dragons with the red and green motif. While you’re here, check out more of Jayfa’s recent builds, and see if you can find the common element between them.

4 comments on “Who needs a hawk or falcon when you have a dragon?

  1. Frédéric Kostecki

    Jayfa comes here once again with a great build, excellent design and parts usage. I have eventually, after a few months hesitating, bought and received directly from him his instructions and parts list for Toothless. It now proudly stands on a transclear display stand in our living room, and any people who comes and see it cannot help to admire and love it. And Jayfa is also a kind person to talk with! So, once again, thumbs up to his imagination and creativity.

  2. Michael Wolf

    Holy moly where is that beaten iron helmet from?? I need that for a castle mech I didn’t realize I need to build until now!

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