LEGO Education BricQ Motion is now available on LEGO online shop [News]

LEGO Education BricQ Motion is the latest package introduced by LEGO for lower and upper elementary school students to be introduced to hands-on STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics). The Brothers Brick reviewed the 45401 LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential Set earlier this year.

When first announced, one could only obtain these sets from the Education Store (US) and via distributors in UK. They are now available on the LEGO online shop for wider availability in US, Canada and the UK direct. You will be able to leverage any ongoing Gift-With-Purchase (GWP) as any other regular purchase in the online store.

Last year LEGO Education made available other kits that were typically only available via other channels and introduced them to the LEGO online store. This move was to provide educators at home during the pandemic access to these learning tools and kits. The Spike Prime sets and other Education kits are still available online. Read our opinion (scroll to the end) on why Education Kits are priced higher than normal LEGO sets.

45400 LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime Set | 564 Pieces
US $99.99 | CAN $140.99 | UK £106.99


45401 LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential Set | 523 Pieces
US $99.99 | CAN $140.99 | UK £106.99

The FAQ extracted from LEGO Education as follows:

What is BricQ Motion?
LEGO® Education BricQ Motion is an engaging introductory hands-on STEAM solution that encourages elementary and secondary school students to discover physical science in action. It engages students in STEAM learning as they experiment with forces, motion, and interactions in the context of sports. They’ll use special elements like gears, levers, axles, and pulleys to build cool creations as they actively engage in learning physical science.

BricQ Motion provides easy, hands-on learning experiences that spark cool “aha” moments as students set bricks in motion. With classroom sets and Personal Learning Kits, it’s flexible to use in both classroom and remote environments and doesn’t require any technology.

To help educators achieve the best possible learning outcomes, BricQ Motion is accompanied by a comprehensive professional development program.

What are the LEGO Education BricQ Motion products?
BricQ Motion offers two classroom sets for elementary and secondary education:

  • 45401 LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential Set
  • 45400 LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime Set

What’s the target age group?
Curriculum standards vary from country to country, so the target age group will vary based on region.

Generally, BricQ Motion Essential is designed for lower and upper elementary school students (ages 6+), while BricQ Motion Prime is designed for secondary school students (ages 10+).