Tex Wrangler hits all the sweet spots

Matt Goldberg’s latest LEGO creation is challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. I am a fan of LEGO but bionicle and technic LEGO are just not my cup of tea. My knowledge of parts in these themes is very limited too. But Matt’s creation is so damn perfect that I just have to cover it! LEGO western was my favorite theme when I was a kid and the Tex Wrangler hits all the sweet spots for me. From the spurs to the big golden revolvers to the bullet belt. The Hero Factory Chest Badge makes him look like the town sheriff and the Ben 10 flexible shoulder neck piece partly turned inside out works perfectly as a cowboy hat.

Tex Wrangler

3 comments on “Tex Wrangler hits all the sweet spots

  1. Tyler Clegg

    I don’t recognize the piece(s) used for the stock/grip of the revolver… I’m guessing by the aesthetic that it’s something Hero Factory/Bionicle, but I’m curious about the connection points.

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