Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night has been selected to be the next LEGO Ideas set [News]

The LEGO Ideas project hit a record milestone with the most qualifying number of fan submissions to be considered back in September 2020 with a total of 35 projects. After 4 months of evaluation, LEGO has announced that Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night by Truman Cheng (aka legotruman will be made into an official set.

Surprisingly only 1 out of the 35 qualifying projects has been selected. Truman Cheng had two projects up for consideration for the second 2020 LEGO ideas review the other one being LEGO DOGGO. However, the one that made it through is a recognisable masterpiece that many can relate to.

Read the interview by LEGO Ideas team upon reaching the 10,000 milestone and don’t forget to also check out the other project that was green-lit earlier today. LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone to be next fan-designed set







22 comments on “Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night has been selected to be the next LEGO Ideas set [News]

  1. Mike T-Bricker

    All due respect to the designer of A Starry Night. No disrespect meant. I know the work put into that was great and much.

    But who would buy that set? I guess art fans, but this is Lego. We want substance. The mining roller coaster has substance for example. I have to believe there would be more of a buyers market for say a Miner’s Roller Coaster than a drab art piece.

    Again, all my opinion. I get that others will feel differently.

  2. erno

    I quite like certain art ideas, but lego just isn’t the brand for that. I enjoy showcasing my architecture sets for example, but I wouldn’t put this on a shelf.

    It doesn’t look that great and would work better as one of those lego art things with marilyn monroe, but even those sets are a it rubbish

  3. Rebekah

    Your so wrong, Mike. So many of us were wanting this set to make it. The ideas line is aimed to adults, and not all of us are into Star Wars, supper heroes, and gaming characters.

  4. Moses Dyckman

    Personally, I am really glad this won. It really tests the limits as to what can be done with lego, using a multitude of techniques to capture swirling impressionistic brush strokes.

  5. Richard P

    Its like Lego are trying not to take my money – there were at least 6 – 8 things on that list which I would happily have shelled out for, but not this.

    Ideas is becoming less and less exciting and more disappointing with each announcement – I hope some of these things are available as purchasable mocs so I can still get them.

  6. M. Wiviott

    this seems like a miss on what a fan of Lego is looking for. I like art, but i just am not seeing this as a required set in my collection… other things look like better options to the and old builder alike. This somehow feels pushed… i do not anticipate getting this one.

  7. Dawn

    Although beautiful looking, Lego needs to consider its market and what has worked. These newer “puzzle-like” kits are not going to hit the mark. Although we had reservations about the coliseum being so “uniformed” in color, the complexity, detail and attention to historical detail is amazing. You are just not going to get that with these kits.

  8. winstonheard

    For those debating if Lego fans want this… it’s likely aimed at the tons of people who don’t regularly buy Lego. Like it or not, only appealing to a loyal fan base is a good way to lose money. If pitting out stuff like this or portraits of the Beatles means there’s money in the pot for some Speed Champions every year, I’m all for it.

  9. Richard P

    winstonheard, in my local toy stores, the picture stuff hasnt moved off the shelf, they have the same stock now as they did when they first put them up – they arent ordering new ones.

    Meanwhile they cant get enough stock of anything else, and what they do get flies off the shelf. Star Wars stuff is sold out within a couple of days, good Ideas sets are gone within the week (the Haunted House sold 10 sets in 24 hours, they sell out of things like the Pirates set as fast as they come in).

    But the picture stuff? Still there.

    Lego treat this as an “either or” situation, and all it means is some people get and some people go without – and I think its most people going without on this one, judging by the comments of likes on the previous story for this Ideas batch.

  10. Amanda

    As a lover of Lego (and I have the wedding pictures to prove it) and Starry Night, I will absolutely be purchasing this set.

    I get the concerns about it not being in the usual wheelhouse of Lego, and I do agree that picking just this out of 35 projects was an odd choice, but I don’t agree that there’s no market at all. As much as I adore building them, I’m much more partial to the harder to find architecture and vehicle sets than the Star Wars and such. I did buy the Harry Potter house art set and it definitely wasn’t as much fun as the other sets, but it looks like this one is a bit more 3D and technical than those. Also, this could be more of a testing of the waters to expand their market than a plan to abandon what’s made the company so well loved.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents. (:

  11. Håkan

    This is a pretty interesting choice. I don’t know if I’d buy it, myself, but it feels original and is a good design piece.

  12. John

    This is so different from the mosaic sets. I don’t think they are at all comperable. The mosacis are dull, they are not related to their subjects, they are not interesting builds they are not good moscais. This is a probably the most interesting light relief and mosaic work that Lego has been involved in and the best exploration of the range of colours I’ve seen. It’s also a fun way of looking at very organic brush work through a limited range of fixed shapes. Like some novel attempt at image compression.
    I won’t be buying it, but I think some of the criticism here is either deliberate hyperbole or overlooking what’s interesting about the set.

  13. Exxos

    I am worried that Starry Night would be borderline impossible to do in an Ideas set part count. Cheng’s Starry Night barely manages it and we know lego likes to under-part things arbitrarily. I admit it is one of my favorite pictures and I would buy the set… but only if they did it real justice and that would probably mean making it 150% the scale and twice the part count.

  14. Pilop

    For some time now, everything indicates that Lego is currently trying to address new markets by diversifying its product range. The big theme seems to be decorative items. Bonsai, flowers, mosaic pictures, etc. Apparently, they want to appeal to people who are interested in Lego, but who wouldn’t place normal models in their homes. Starry Night is a logical continuation of this approach, or rather, if it is successful enough, it will probably become a series of famous pictures.

  15. No...

    Why dont they call this lego ‘interpretations’. Because it is not an ‘idea’. It is an interpretation. Or lego ‘whimsy’ or ‘fancies’. or something. This is not really what the brand ideal was originally aligned to.

  16. Scott Holcomb

    Meh, not a fan of some of these art products. It looks cool but nothing I would every buy. Such a waste with so many much more cooler sets out there.

  17. Kathleen D Cannella

    yes I think it’s AWESOME and will buy for my grandson to put together and I will frame it gives multi culture to a child’s mind and LEGOS is the perfect ones to do it can’t wait 2 purchase

  18. Kenn Fong

    I’m glad that Lego will produce this set. I like to look at Lego, but never considered buying a set until I saw this one. I will certainly buy this one, and maybe I will enjoy it enough to buy more sets.

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