She’s fast enough for you, old man

When it comes to racing around the galaxy, it’s hard to beat the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, but that won’t stop Thomas Jenkins and their racing relay team from trying, built for the fan contest Space Jam 2020 relay racing category. I’ve been staring at that front section for quite a while, and I can not figure out how that thing stays together. It really does look like it’s about to fall apart, but at least it’s fast.

If this racing skiff looks cobbled together from spare parts, that’s probably because it is. The racers have to travel over some pretty rough terrain, and sometimes something important falls off.

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  1. Daniel

    You’re missing half of the story as this is part of a two-person Collab between Thomas and Inthert. Seems odd that you didn’t even bother to read their full story for the project.

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