Dabs of lively color

Brothers Brick contributor Benjamin Stenlund has been braving the Iron Forge lately, and this artistic build make uses of the seed part of a LEGO banana. And that’s cool and all, but there are other keen details to enjoy. If you look closely you’ll spot some wildlife hanging out in those colorful puddles of paint. And I really do enjoy when a frog shows up unexpectedly as creative part usage. And somehow that rat is even more perfect, with the curve of its tail suggesting a squiggle of paint.

Getting ready for the masterpiece

That isn’t the only banana-related builds from Benjamin, either. Check out this swanky Bingo card with a banana-based clip on the clipboard. I really like the construction on the grid and the chunky font for the text.

Iron Bingo

Yes, when it comes to making use of the banana in unusual ways, I think it’s fair to say that Benjamin really shreds. And, no, I won’t apologize for that pun. I think he’s really grate.

Just trying to shred the competition

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