Is it time for a LEGO duet?

In late 2020, LEGO released a LEGO grand piano in the Ideas line of their products, but you know what would go great with a LEGO Piano? A LEGO violin of course, and CK Ho on flickr crafted a beautiful brick-built violin for music fans to enjoy.


Unlike the piano, the violin is notably a curvy instrument, therefore the notion of a brick-built violin already presents a challenge in shaping the form of such an object with LEGO bricks. This builder smartly utilizes reddish brown brick arches in order to create the curving body of a violin with LEGO. The rest of the violin’s corpus is comprised of reddish-brown bricks, plates, and tiles arranged by way of the SNOT (studs not on top) technique.


The bridge, chinrest, f-holes, and tuning pegs are built with black elements – bricks, tiles, 1×1 clip pieces, and my favorite the black bar with 1×1 round stud as the pegs. The design for the scroll at the top expertly utilizes the brown ice cream swirl element.


A violin of course cannot be fully played without its bow, CK Ho fashions the bow with more reddish-brown bricks and tiles in addition to white elements that emulate the bow hair. Overall I can say this violin is a masterpiece of a masterpiece used to play masterpieces!


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  1. Frédéric Kostecki

    Wow! Magnificent build and design. If Stradivarius are masterpieces music instruments, this Lego rendition is a masterpiece in its own category. Impressive. Brilliant. Beautiful.

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