Arvo brothers bring Robocop to life with LEGO – I’d buy that for a dollar!

If you haven’t heard of the Arvo Brothers before, they’re Ramon and Amador Alfaro Marcilla, a pair of Spanish builders who are known for truly amazing LEGO sculptures. Their latest effort pays tribute to the 1987 classic, RoboCop. Standing around 2 feet tall, this towering figure is a dead-on recreation of Peter Weller’s portrayal of the titular character and is filled with intricate and screen-accurate detailing.

The first thing that becomes apparent is that there’s a level of articulation built into this sculpture. The shoulders, elbow, and head can all be adjusted to create a variety of bad-ass poses. The next thing that you notice is the spectacular part usage. There are just a few LEGO studs exposed, enough to let you know what he’s made of, but so few that you’re still required to really lean in to be sure. Curved tiles and slopes are everywhere, smoothing out the shapes and creating a perfectly streamlined set of armor.

RoboCop is perched on a simple brick-built display stand. This matches the style they used in their incredible Alien figure. (Their Iron Man, in contrast, was free-standing, or at least free-sitting.) Once again you can see how even minor changes to the position of the arms and head can create some very different looks for this creation. And if you look closely at his right leg, you’ll see some old-school phone handset elements adding a bit of detail. A very apt retro choice.

RoboCop also looks great from the back. The shaping on the calves is particularly nice, and those ankle-pistons are just swanky. It’s not easy to get a figure this large to stand, but the Arvo brothers have made it look effortless. And there are subtle details to enjoy, too. I like how the edges of the angled brick and plate in the rear of the upper thigh create just a touch of texture and break up what might have been an otherwise dull stretch of anatomy.

Finally, we need to talk about the great techniques in use in RoboCop’s face. The use of the back of this odd 2×2 slope brick for his signature grimacing mouth works really well, and the quarter-dome bricks in the helmet are the perfect choice. The 2×2 round tile w/center hole used for the earpieces is another great match.

Does this build inspire you to try your own hand at building the perfect cyborg? Take a look at our RoboCop archives to see how others have approached it, and be sure to check out other amazing builds we’ve featured from the Arvo Brothers!

2 comments on “Arvo brothers bring Robocop to life with LEGO – I’d buy that for a dollar!

  1. Mico

    Almost perfect Lego creation except body is not proportion to legs or the lower part. Just a little body higher will be perfect.

  2. Chris Adams

    I think this should be submitted to Lego as a possible official product. All it needs is perhaps a little printing detail added to the face.

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