Brickin’ out some tunes

Everyone loves a good throwback to the ’80s or ’90s, and these days people are opting for analog musical devices over digital. What better build encapsulates these trends than Jonas Kramm’s boom box LEGO model?

07 - The final track

All of the details on this build are done exactly right – from the dials to the tape deck. The speakers, as well as the switches, are composed mostly of yellow 9V track switches with black minifigure hands for extra detailing. The majority of the model comprises teal bricks and tiling; some yellow 1×2 slopes also form a stylish border around the box’s perimeter. Kramm even includes a couple of brick-built mix-tapes ready to be played. Overall this build really brings me back to the days before iPhones, iPods, and wireless internet, back when all we had was FM-AM radio and maybe some tapes to play around with.

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  1. Some One

    Great fun! I remember cassette tapes. There were even different grades of quality of cassettes — or at least some with fancier labeling, who knows if they were actually better. And believe it or not, I can remember using a TRS-80 Model 100 and a cassette recorder to store files. The computer would send data out as audio, same as it would over a modem, and you could record the data on tapes and read it back in later. Crazy.

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