Behold the Blacktron Dreadnought!

Excerpt from Captain Nathan Proudlove‘s Log, M-Tron Freighter Miranda: “It was supposed to be a routine trip. Get the cargo, haul it to the destination, and go back home. But instead of cargo, the drop point consisted of this… thing. It was huge, like a long black dart bristling with death. We tried to reverse course and fired a warning shot at the Blacktron warship, only to realize it was in vain. Each of the three weapons bays on the warship opened to reveal gigasonic missiles, launched and reaching out to us like claws of an otherworldly deity. The bridge crew and I launched the escape pods and fled before it could catch us, but all other hands were lost…”

Neo-Blacktron Rocket SHIP

This behemoth is none other than a Neo-Blacktron Rocket Ship. It leaves a lot to the imagination, which is exactly what you want when building massive space ships. I love the detail here, such as the engine nacelles coming out of the wings’ front and back, and the sensor work at the rocket’s top. The three labeled doors on the side make me imagine that those are either weapon ports or docking bays, or both. The best part by far is the Blacktron logo embedded into the ship, stating the ship’s evil allegiance to the bad guys of LEGO space.

2 comments on “Behold the Blacktron Dreadnought!

  1. Purple Dave

    Blacktron isn’t evil! They’re just misunderstood…by cowardly captains and their equally cowardly bridge crews who abandon ship like the Concordia, and leave the rest of the crew to whatever fate holds in store for them. For all they know, the rest of the crew is all petting puppies and kittens right now.

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