LEGO Adidas ZX 8000 sneakers will retail for US $130 [News]

According to, the new Adidas ZX 8000 designed in collaboration with LEGO, will go on sale next Friday, September 25. The retail price is expected to be USD 130. The new sneakers will be available at select retailers, but it seems that the easiest way to grab a pair will be via The full set of official product pictures was published today, too, so feel free to jump under spoiler to take a closer look.

Thanks to LEGO collaborating with multiple fashion brands this season, it would make sense to hit the nearest Levi’s store to pick a matching shirt, a jacket, or another accessory.

Last week, Highsnobiety shared a video of the unboxing of the new ZX 8000 sneakers. Although the final retail packaging is not expected to be as fancy as the media copy one, the shoes’ patchy design makes them a lovely addition to any sneakerhead’s collection.

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