A fleet favorite in microscale

Star Wars starships can come in all scales and sizes especially when built out of LEGO. Ron McPhatty demonstrates this concept of size variation in his digital microscale LEGO build of the Ghost, the premier starship of the rebel fleet piloted by the fierce Hera Syndulla.


The most interesting thing about this particular model is that the interior space is fleshed out. Most microscale models do not have interiors, while the Microfighters that LEGO offers just include a seat to place an out-of-scale minifigure in.


Ron even includes a miniature version of the Phantom in the advent-calendar build scale which can dock onto the mothership, the Ghost. In terms of elements included, all the parts used in this creation seem pretty common to find, showing that you don’t have to have special elements to make great models. That being said, it is still clear that Ron is a master at constructing small-scaled ships using these common elements. Ron even hasĀ a few more microscale LEGO starships going through hyperspace.

Chopper, MK, Leebo, Chewie... punch it!