Could Bellatrix be a Disney Princess?

To me, the scene where Bellatrix Lestrange escapes from the Azkaban prison always looked like it was filmed in black and white. Everything looks grey, dark and gloomy. Even Helena Bonham Carter looked a bit grey. To me, it depicts what a wretched place it is. Most of the prisoners there die of despair, having lost the will to live. This is due to the presence of the Dementors guarding the island, draining people of all happiness, and leaving them with their worst memories. Long-term exposure usually leads to insanity and even death. Kale Frost depicts Bellatrix in her LEGO prison and everything is a different shade of grey. The only splash of ‘colour’ is the brown mouse and the white bedsheets. Although only grey bricks were used for the walls of the prison Kale managed to make them look interesting and intricate thanks to all the different bricks he used to add texture. However, the Bellatrix figure looks perfectly happy between her four prison walls.


3 comments on “Could Bellatrix be a Disney Princess?

  1. Purple Dave

    Bellatrix? A Disney Princess? Dude, you know she’s just luring that poor bird in so she can throttle its neck.

  2. Håkan

    @Purple Dave
    And that makes her perfectly happy!

    By the way, is that motivational poster there a custom print?

  3. Purple Dave

    Yes, but I’m pretty sure Walt’s corpse just woke up and threw up in his mouth a little.

    The motivational poster is not in the Bricklink database, so it appears to be a custom print, but I have no idea who produces them, or if it’s just a one-off created for that MOC.

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