Ordinary bookshelf? Don’t be silly!

When young Youtube woodworker, Are Baloni decided to build an awesome transforming bookshelf, LEGO builder Deborah Higdon chose to take it a step further. Is it possible to make it with LEGO? That answer is yes, and the outcome is excellent! From the first picture, it looks normal, but wait until you see how it works!

You’ll have to pay close attention to how things sit in the cubes and stay upright. The decorative items, by the way, are miniature tributes to some of her favorite builds.

And if you’re wondering how the hinges are done, it appears the 1×2 with rounded edges come in handy.

2020 - lego sliding bookshelf

When you compare it to the real thing, you see just how well it’s replicated. The LEGO version might be even more satisfying because the connections are more precise at this scale.

While you’re here, check out more of Deborah’s builds. Such as her microscale train bookend, summer bookends, and Christmas bookends.

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