A nomad’s life for me

LEGO has produced a lot of castle sets, but in my honest opinion there always has been a lack of travel carts! Markus Rollbühler is here to fill that gap for us. One of the best things about this creation is that the walls of the cart are positioned at an angle. The only straight wall, where the door is located, uses 2×1 cheese slopes to fill up the gap created by the slight angle of the other walls. But that’s not the only thing. This creation is filled with original details! One of the best used pieces has to be the blaster trigger. The blaster adds great playability to the set for kids, but as an adult fan of LEGO, I do not tend to use them. Markus used the trigger piece as table and chair legs and it looks stunning. Have you noticed the candle holder using the scuba breathing regulator. And don’t even get me started on that cute brick-built snail!

Nicolo's Caravan

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    Hey there, we’ve updated the article and all of our social posts to remove that language. Thank you for drawing attention to this. Note that this occurred due to the international diversity of our editorial team and we’re working internally to ensure that potentially offensive language does not appear on TBB in the future. Thanks again for pointing this out as we move forward to remaining inclusive to all builders.

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    I would like to apologize for using a slur. I was unaware of the racism and cultural suppression affecting the Roma. So thanks for pointing it out and educating me on that subject.

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