LEGO Star Wars 75283 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) from The Clone Wars season 7 includes Ahsoka Tano and Ahsoka Trooper [Review]

Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars concluded on Disney+ recently, converging the storyline from the long-running animated TV series with the events portrayed in Revenge of the Sith. The season also wraps up a key storyline about Ahsoka Tano, connecting to her appearance as “Fulcrum” in Rebels. Because of this, LEGO fans have been excited about the inclusion of a new Ahsoka minifigure alongside a special “Ahsoka Trooper” in 75283 Armored Assault Tank, announced as part of the summer 2020 wave of LEGO Star Wars sets. The set includes 286 pieces with two minifigs (plus two battle droids), and will become available in the US on Sept. 1st, but may be available already in other regions (US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £34.99) due to logistics and supply chain challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The box & instructions

The new AAT is not a large set, with just three bags and a couple of large curved pieces loose in the box, alongside the instruction booklet and two-sticker sticker sheet.

The box itself is noteworthy for featuring the “Ahsoka Trooper” in the upper-right corner rather than Kylo Ren or another character unrelated to the set itself (but shared across the lineup, as is often the case).

The build

At just 286 parts, the build itself is quite quick, and not really worth dwelling on in this review. Both the body and the turret incorporate studs-out building techniques on brackets, which have become quite common even in smaller sets and sets intended for younger builders (this set is marked 7+). It’s an enjoyable build, but not something that adult builders will learn too many new techniques from.

The finished model

The Separatist AAT first appeared in The Phantom Menace and has been depicted at this scale four times, going all the way back to 7155 twenty years ago in 2000 (a truly well-designed set for the time). However, LEGO has not released an AAT since 75080 in 2015, with the only version in this color scheme released all the way back in 2008 during the original run of the animated TV series.

Like the 2015 version, the 2020 redesign uses the 6x6x2 arch brick to achieve the curves in the hover-tank’s base. Large slopes, radar dishes, and the curved car roof (Plate W. Bow 3X4X2/3 W. Knobs) that first appeared with the LEGO Cars theme back in 2011 are all used to good effect in creating a less-angular shape for the bulbous tank than previous LEGO versions of the AAT.

Just like the “real” vehicle, there are two hatches for gunner and driver battle droids. The battle droid folds up to fit into the turret hatch.

The turret rotates 360 degrees, and the base is heavy enough for the long turret gun not to tip the tank over.

The main gun also elevates on click-hinges, while the side guns simply turn on a stud connection.

The driver’s hatch also opens, but this battle droid gets to sit upright, with printed 1×2 cheese slopes providing controls on either side.

Finally, the spring-loaded missile launchers are well-integrated into the lower body of the AAT, with access to fire the red missiles from the back.

The minifigures

75283 Armored Assault Tank includes two standard minifigures — Ahsoka Tano and an “Ahsoka Trooper” Clone Trooper — along with two printed battle droids.

Excitement about the minifigures included with this set is well-justified. LEGO has not released an Ahsoka Tano minifigure since the version in the otherwise forgettable (and expensive) 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate from Rebels in 2016. Earlier Ahsoka minifigs were also in the wide-eyed, animated style used for several years alongside the Clone Wars TV series. So, this is the first Ahsoka Tano minifigure in “standard” LEGO style from the animated series itself and only the second adult Ahsoka. The Clone Trooper sports the special print on his helmet from the 332nd Company of the 501st Legion seen in the same episodes of the TV series (we won’t discuss actual plot points here).

Ahsoka wears a dark blue tunic with a design that extends down to her legs. She carries two blue lightsabers with silver handles, and her vambraces are represented with light gray hands. This is somewhat disappointing, given that printed vambraces on the arms would look more accurate.

Like Jedi Master Shaak Ti, Ahsoka is a member of the Togruta species, whose montrals (horns) and head-tails both grow throughout childhood and adolescence. Therefore, the original Clone Wars-era head piece on earlier versions of Ahsoka Tano had smaller montrals and head-tails. This latest Ahsoka minifig uses the same piece as both Shaak Ti and the “Fulcrum” Ahsoka from Rebels, with a print that’s different from either of those other minifigures.

The Ahsoke Tano we see at the end of Season 7 of Clone Wars is arguably still much younger than either the fully grown Shaak Ti or “Fulcrum”, so her head piece should actually be halfway between the Padawan Ahsoka head piece and the fully grown version. Nevertheless, a new print on this rare piece is welcome.

Battle droids are hardly the most interesting of figures, and most counts of minifigures (including even LEGO’s own product descriptions) don’t include these. Still, the droids in this set feature unique, two-color printing on their heads with matching olive green torso pieces.

Conclusions & recommendation

The first standard-scale AAT in five years (the first in this color scheme in twelve years) is likely to be welcomed by LEGO Star Wars collectors who’ve begun collecting more recently. It’s a well-designed model and a fun build. But the inclusion of two stunning minifigures based on characters in the final, powerful season of Clone Wars at a relatively low price point make this an absolute must-buy for anybody who shares my view that Ahsoka is one of the most compelling and ultimately intriguing characters to appear in the Star Wars universe.

If you’re a fan of the Clone Wars animated series — and I have to admit that I myself didn’t start the first season until after it was on Disney+ and had some extra time at home thanks to this global pandemic (I first encountered Ahsoka myself through Rebels and the excellent Ahsoka book by E.K. Johnston) — look for our review of 75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers in the coming days as well.

LEGO Star Wars 75283 Armored Assault Tank will be released on Sept. 1st from the LEGO Shop (US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £34.99),, and from third-party sellers on eBay and elsewhere.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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