Junk speeders are what we need in a galaxy far far away

I’m a fan of the realm of possibilities in the Star Wars galaxy and especially for vehicles that could have been taken a page out of the storylines. This Junk Speeder by Thomas Jenkins gives that vibes of a single-engine mashup of what a scavenger or thrifty junkyard dealer would have up for sale or trade. For a moment, I would think this would be a perfect transport for Ewoks if they decided to venture outside of their forest dwellings. What makes this a sturdy build are likely the technic parts and pins integrated across its wingspan.

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1 comment on “Junk speeders are what we need in a galaxy far far away

  1. thomas_jenkins_bricks

    Thank you for featuring this model on the blog! It was a fun little project and a good chance to practice making something a little more worn down than the slightly more pristine clone wars ships I usually make.

    The wings are held together with a series of technic pins and system bars and the end result is pretty sturdy. I’m glad the rounded 1×2 plates integrate so well with the short liftarms to add a splash of colour in the form of those little stripes.

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