You might want to have that looked at

Whether it be Candida, Athlete’s Foot, or…Jock Itch fungus can live and breed on our skin. This LEGO Infested Legionary built by Mitch Phillips has it so bad, he has mushrooms growing on his skin. Mitch tells us that when his comrades were asked about his strange behavior, they all claimed he was a fun guy. This humanoid fungus among us is indeed a creature of Mitch’s imagination. However, as if itchy nether bits weren’t problematic enough, this creation has an unsettling real-life inspiration; zombie ants. I am not kidding. Zombie ants. Their minds are controlled by fungal parasites that command its ant host to do its bidding. And speaking of mind control, I’d like you to check out another entity that Mitch built who also does the bidding of others.

Infested Legionary