George Floyd was human, just like us

LEGO builder and Instagram user Pedro Sequeira reminds us that George Floyd was…a human, just like us. George’s May 25th death, his suffocation under the knee of a police officer, has sparked outrage around the globe. This phenomenon is not new, not by a longshot. People of color have not had an easy go, or even a fair go, in the US and elsewhere. Peaceful protests, while admirable, often go unheard, and can in turn sometimes lead to violence and looting, which is also not the answer. This leaves us wondering what can be done to enact change — real lasting change. If leadership cannot address civil injustice at their level then it is often best to begin to enact change ourselves with our votes and our wallets. Treating others fairly should be a no-brainer but often this requires the help of grassroots organizations, and the SPLC and the ACLU come to mind as good places to start. Please support them if you can.

12 comments on “George Floyd was human, just like us

  1. Dave Kaleta

    @RK anti-racism is not politics, it’s basic human decency. Please feel free to walk away.

  2. Better than RK

    Bye RK. Bigots like you aren’t welcome in positive and uplifting communities.

  3. Tobi

    BB, please don’t let sorry individuals like RK change who you are and what you stand for.
    Who in their right mind wouldn’t speak out against racism in times like these?

    @RK If you feel that “enough of this garbage [is] being shoved down everyone’s throats” then I would be happy if our paths wouldn’t cross again on this website. Mature? Grow up and take responsibility! Please.

  4. Andrew

    Not only are racism and bigotry immoral and unconscionable, they’re fortunately against TBB’s Terms of Service, so removing hate speech from our website is something that we will continue to do, both proactively (as new commenters are moderated) and reactively (when an existing commenter posts something that violates our ToS).

  5. James Wiley

    We want to thank everyone for their feedback and comments especially for this difficult topic in these trying times. We welcome all views, including opposing and constructive, as long as it’s done in a civil manner. While to some it may not be what they wanted to read, we still respect the comments shared as long as those comments do not violate our Terms of Services. As the landscape changes very quickly in the current events, the original intent and reader sentiment when this article was published may have changed. In order not to create further ambiguity in responses that may be taken out of context, we will be closing this thread. Thank you.

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