How many LEGO studs can you spot?

The everyday objects built with LEGO bricks can be a visual eye-candy, especially when it’s built to perfection. How many LEGO studs can you spot in this creation? Yes, go, right now, count them all before you read this article to the end. There’s a sense of ASMR even though this is a static image built by Roman. My eyes just want to gloss all overlooking for imperfections in arrangement and alignment and how they all fit together almost naturally. And, just in case you thought you found it all, don’t forget to count the one on the door knocker built with the Yellow Lantern piece smacked right in the center!


3 comments on “How many LEGO studs can you spot?

  1. Purple Dave

    I got 12. Four on the lantern, one on the door knocker, four on the flowers, and three on the dirt.

    Someone with a giant monitor might be able to tell if there are any studs visible on the table, if the fourth stud on the dirt is peeking out just a little, or it up to three more studs are visible on the lantern. Clear parts on the lantern and table complicate things. Do you count studs when you know you’re looking at them through the material because it’s clear, but you can’t actually identify them because of the way light gets distorted when passing through that material? The other one on the lantern that I’m unsure on is the mounting plate. That’s a paint roller for the armature, and I’m guessing the mounting plate is a 2×2 radar, which means a sliver of another stud may be visible.

  2. badbob

    7 uncovered and visible studs:
    1: door knocker
    1: bottom tip of light
    3: flowers
    2: dirt in flower pot

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