A marvelous music machine [Video]

This music box, built by Peter Carmichael, is currently one of my favorite LEGO creations. Its smooth edges, customizable cylinder, and colorful “comb” are all gravitating. As my very tactile partner would say, it’s one of those things you want to “see with your hands.”

Lego Music Box

Music boxes, and the concepts behind their mechanisms, have been around for ages. But there’s always something so exciting and unique about seeing an everyday machine in LEGO form. It’s not easy to do, and maybe that’s why we marvel at them.

I have to admit that my hopes and dreams were a little dashed when I realized that the music was simulated with a bit of movie magic. Of course, LEGO does not yet produce sound bricks with single notes on them. You’d have to imagine the real thing sounding like doorbells and dogs barking (among a couple other things). But I did ask Peter about the notes and he said he has experimented with manipulating the sound bricks. You’ll have to keep an eye out to see if he posts a tutorial, but in the meantime, check out Peter’s other builds. Or maybe take a look at a Batman inspired music box.