Experience the unspeakable horror of the Old Gods

I am a huge fan of Lovecraft’s writing — and horror in general — so imagine my delight in seeing Revan New‘s latest spooky LEGO creation. This crumbling manor hides eldritch secrets that would render the casual viewer mad as a hatter! The building is architecturally beautiful with its front columned entrance and central tower. I really like the builder’s use of sideways building to bridge the area between the main building and the upper tower piece. The multiple roof treatments are quite nice too. The two smaller side roofs have a pleasing shape and the central domed roof is just beautiful. The landscaping serves the scene well by sticking with muted earth tones to continue the theme. The whole scene reminds one of an abandoned mausoleum, which is not a bad comparison when you’re trying to evoke a scary atmosphere.

Horror from beyond in manor

Of course, no tribute to Lovecraft would be complete without an eldritch, tentacled creature.

New delivers on this aspect as well with a many-eyed, unspeakable horror escaping from the dreadful depths beneath the manor. The interior also includes some nice details like the chandelier and the shelves of items on the right. I like the inclusion of the Atlantis Squid Warrior head on a stand, showing the former occupant’s obsession with the Old Gods. If you look close you can also see the head of the Mouth of Sauron inside a clear globe on a top shelf. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

The Unspeakable Horror

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