Carrey on my wayward son

The 1990s are a golden age of under-appreciated comic book movies. Sure, just about everyone loves the 1992 Batman flick, but what about Mystery Men? Or Darkman? Or, better still, 1994’s The Mask? Based on the Dark Horse comics of the same name, Jim Carrey starred as a wisecracking, fourth-wall-breaking, indestructible anti-hero. Sort of the Deadpool before Deadpool. Pistash has recreated one The Mask’s most meme-able images in LEGO, and it’s just as expressive as the movie version. (Or its animated inspiration.)

The mask

Some standout bits of construction include the use of a zebra-print tile for a handkerchief, and what I think are FreeStyle wheel pins for pupils. And there lots of curved slopes in magenta for the tongue. But I bet you noticed that bit for yourself.

Let’s end with a bit of oddball trivia I discovered while researching this post. I mentioned the Mask’s similarities to Deadpool earlier, right? Well, in 1988 Jim Carrey had a role in The Dead Pool. Eerie foreshadowing or just a stupid coincidence? You make the call.

2 comments on “Carrey on my wayward son

  1. Håkan

    The original Dark Horse comic book was actually rather grimdark, with Stanley Ipkiss a self-centered asshole who died at the end of the first arc, IIRC…

  2. Chris Doyle Post author

    @Håkan – My memory matches yours here; the comic version of the Mask was a very different beast than the movie adaptation.

    Somewhat related, I’m trying to recall if Deadpool was still grimdark in 1994, too. He started off as a pastiche of DC’s Deathstroke the Terminator, after all. I don’t think Deadpool got “wacky” until the late 90’s…so another quasi-parallel? ;)

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