Two young friends, exploring the world together

I deeply admire those who can take a LEGO build and create a story using beautiful photography. That’s exactly what Orient R Minesky has done with this pair of adventurous school girls. The builds themselves are well done, but their interaction with non-LEGO items brings them to life. The collection includes several great shots, and we wanted to share a few of our favorites. Here they’re spending a beautiful day taking pictures in the park.


This shot with the leaf is my personal favorite. There’s something poetic about the way she gently admires it. If she could think, what would be on her mind?


While one is looking at leaves, the other is reading a book. The builder may have been able to get away with an actual LEGO book element, but there’s something neat about going this route. I love the way her hair floats in the breeze.


They move from the park to the beach, where they consider what appears to be a sand flea. Confronting a sand flea the size of your hand sounds a bit intense, but these ladies aren’t concerned! The poseability of the characters seen throughout the pictures really is clever.


Perhaps it’s the silence and lack of facial expression that generates the curiosity about these girls. I’m not sure. But whatever it may be, it certainly sucked me in. What do you think? Like this picture style? Check out this lighthearted Moody Groot.