Genius inspiration is fleet-ing

Capturing great details on a spaceship that fits in the palm of your hand is a refreshing surprise from TBB Veteran, Letranger Absurde, and this pair of spaceships, while inspired by Star Wars, stand alone as a lesson in master parts usage. Take the fighter, made from a single LEGO minifigure robot head mold from the Galaxy Squad theme, where the facial visor serves as the cockpit canopy. And the red 1×1 tile on the side of the frigate nose picks up the circle design on the sides of the fighter beautifully.

Frigate & Fighter

3 comments on “Genius inspiration is fleet-ing

  1. Some Assembly Required

    Sorry, I cannot get on board with praising a “creation” that’s a single part. That’s the dada-esque reductio ad absurdum of the Lego building experience and it’s far, far below the usual standards of Brothers Brick.

  2. Ted A.

    Can you guys PLEASE reference out to the contests that these builds were made for? The AFOL community wasn’t built in a day, and I think you guys have been taking all this content creation for granted lately. So many of us that host these contests do so out of our own personal time and generosity. We are doing it to keep the community strong, and to promote the hobby to new folks who may be inspired to finally build a MOC of their own due to these contests. You all used to be so much better about this.

  3. Aaron

    Echoing Ted’s request! PLEASE PLEASE direct people to these contests, they’re a really powerful way to get new people building. It’s rarely difficult because info about contests is almost always required to be included in the description of any given entry. Indicating that these active events are going would significantly improve TBB’s reputation as a place to get current info about the FOL community.

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