A tasty LEGO build indeed

Ever seen a LEGO build that was just….tasty? Palixa And The Bricks takes us from forest to plate in a culinary journey featuring a somewhat unusual central protein: Wild boar.

Let’s start out with the beast itself in a very very raw state. Charismatic to a fault with Mixel eyes and grey banana ears, this happy-go-lucky scamp has no idea what’s in store. Take a moment and savor the musculature; various curved slopes and tiles gave a good feel of the bulk and weight soon to be enjoyed.

Wild Boar (Alive)

The builder has shared that these were built for a German Asterix collaboration, as Obelix claims wild boar as his favorite food. Let’s hope the choice of recipe was a good as it looks. This slab of roast beast makes use of the gap in the 1×2 sloped curve to hide some of the length of the leg bone pieces. Color choice in the brick is important, too, as that is one rich golden brown presentation.

Wild Boar (Roasted)

Things were clearly cooked to perfection, as there’s not a scrap left in this final image. Even now there are some clever building tricks in use. It looks to me like the rib cage is built off of a base of modified 1×2 plates with rods that are built studs to the side and embedded in the serving platter. I also like the use of the 1×1 round tile with connection used as the top of the spine. It’s an instantly recognizable build.

Wild Boar (Eaten)

And thus, our little gastronomic journey comes to a close. It may be a little crass, but I do have a suggestion for a single-piece micro build that would also serve as a “final stop” on this journey. I mean, this part was pretty much tailor made, right?