If ever a hero deserved an upgrade...

Say what you will about Tony Stark, but sometimes it feels like he has the same solution for every problem: Put a suit of armor on it. Take, for example, the case when his regular armor isn’t studly enough. His answer? Put on another suit of armor on top of the one he’s already wearing. Sounds kind of silly, but you have to admit that the Hulkbuster does get results. We’ve seen a few LEGO-released versions of it over the years, but the LEGO community always seems to take things one step further. Case in point, Sam.C (S2 Toys Studios) brings us an excellent upgrade indeed.

Hulkbuster Pew Pew

The key piece of the build is the Hulkbuster canopy from 2015’s 76031: The Hulk Buster Smash. The rest of the build, though, feels a bit closer to 2018’s 76104: The Hulkbuster Smash-Up (I mentioned we’d seen a few of these from LEGO, right?) The detailing is much improved here, with bulkier legs and better integration of the angles in the chest armor. I particularly like the pistons in the knee assembly and the printed 1×1 round tile used in the feet.

Hulkbuster Rear

From the rear the more movie-accurate feel continues with a great look to the joints and foot-braces. All in all, this feels like more of a display piece to me than even the UCS Hulkbuster.

Brothers Brick editor Edwinder recently got the chance to take a look at this creation in person. The articulation is even more impressive than these photos suggest – every joint is fully functional, including the hips, knees, feet, arms, shoulders, and wrists.

Hulkbuster in the wildThe builder Sam (left), Kelvin (Chubbybots, on the right).

It just goes to show what can be done when you’re not hamstrung by part counts and retail price points.

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