LEGO popcorn (the one that got away)

We don’t see many creations from real LEGO designers. I mean…yes we do, but they end up being featured in The Brothers Brick news sections when they launch as official sets. Since LEGO designers are so busy designing actual sets, it is rare to see what they build for fun. Former LEGO Designer Tiago Catarino tells us that this is “one of the first MOCs (My Own Creation) I did while working for LEGO in Denmark, and one of the few that ever got to see the light of day, since 99% of the building I did there was, after all, confidential.” There we have it, the 1% he did for fun.

LEGO Popcorn

So what does Tiago do when not having fun with LEGO popcorn and gets locked down to conduct some serious business? Well, perhaps you might recognize this one or this other one. Serious business, indeed!

1 comment on “LEGO popcorn (the one that got away)

  1. Tiago Catarino

    I unfortunately no longer work for LEGO. Now focusing on social media instead, Instagram and Youtube.

    While in Denmark I still got to design cool ones like the Ship in a Bottle, and the Gingerbread House! This blog post prompted me to update my Flickr Photostream ahah

    Thank you for the blog post! :) Happy Holidays to everyone!

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