The Dark Side of nice part usage

Versatile as LEGO bricks are, sometimes there are pieces that are just…challenging…to work with. There are common but annoying parts like big ugly rock pieces. There are wacky things like a rare Duplo stand from a short-lived licensed theme. Whatever the case, it takes a special kind of builder to take these elements and see them in new ways. A kind of part mastery. Some might even say….Jedi mastery. For example, LEGO builder Logan W. has taken the normally single-purpose Bionicle Midak Skyblaster cannon and incorporated it into an impressive replica of Darth Vader’s iconic lightsaber. The cannon forms the emitter shroud, while the hilt is made from strips of black tile connected to octagonal bar frames and a Technic racing wheel rim.

Darth Vader's Lightsaber

Logan was inspired by a Two-Piece-Only lightsaber created by The Igzer. The two pieces in use there are the aforementioned Midak Skyblaster cannon and a bit of Bionicle shoulder armor. If you’re looking for a minimalist approach to Jedi weaponry, you should check that build, too!

3 comments on “The Dark Side of nice part usage

  1. Centena

    Why do does TBB consistently refuse to tag or even give credit to post on Instagram? You’ll write someone’s name occasionally, and very rarely tag someone, but a good 75% of the time or more no credit is given. A friend of mine was trying to figure out who the builder of this lightsaber was for a couple of days, before we decided to look at the website. You can consistently see in the comments people tagging the builder themself, or asking who the builder is.

    The entire success this website and your other social media accounts feeds off of the hard work of the builders. Giving credit is the barest minimum that any type of reputable journalism should be doing. If you are not willing to putting the effort to properly credit the builder, then you should not repost their work. They have spent days, weeks, possibly months building these things and to have you swoop in and not credit people is in very poor taste.

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