Neptune Discovery Lab, the 1990s LEGO classic from Aquazone, gets a serious upgrade

For the past year, Peter Carmichael has been texting me updates about an Aquazone base he was building. We both grew up in the 90s, so the classic LEGO themes from that era are full of nostalgia for us, and I’m always excited to see old favorites get a new makeover. But Peter said his update to the 1995 set Neptune Discovery Lab wasn’t going to be a simple redux with modern elements, but something grander. At nearly 6 feet long and using more than 50,000 pieces, I think he delivered.

Lego Neptune Discovery Lab

The highlight of the base is the working Aquazone monorail track, an idea LEGO contemplated in the 90s but never ultimately released. The track makes a large figure eight, winding through the central base before looping around the edges.

Lego Neptune Discovery Lab

Of course, no underwater base is complete without loads of coral and sealife, and Peter’s used loads of interesting elements to shape the coral, from the old carwash/street sweeper brush to the new sculpted coral piece.

Lego Neptune Discovery Lab
There are other motorized elements too, such as this derrick that pumps up and down. Peter showed the model off this past weekend at BrickCon, and having spent time with it in person, I can say that it’s well worth your time to pore over the pictures and soak in the nostalgia.

Lego Neptune Discovery Lab8760

You can also find Peter on Instagram.