Raawwr! No one beats a Tyrannosaurus Rex

We’ve covered Jonas Kramm‘s series of vignettes based on Jurassic Park all the way up to the climax of the movie. Has it been a thrill-a-minute? You bet your 65-million year old amber cane it has! The last we saw, the power to the park had been turned off by Dennis Nedry as he attempted to steal and escape with frozen dino embryos. This of course caused havoc at the park, with all the dinosaurs escaping; this is not a big problem when we’re talking about a mild-mannered Brachiosaur, but it is when there are T. rex and Velociraptors amongst the beasts.

And that is exactly the issue Dr. Sattler has as she tries to restore power to the security system; she has climbed down into the maintenance area, only for a nimble and crafty raptor to attempt to eat her. They can open doors, you know. Jonas has packed the small footprint of the vignette with loads of details, especially the black fencing that forms the border. The grating everywhere gives it a technical look, perfect for a breaker room, and the panel with the lever looks great. The raptor bursting through to eat Ellie is terrifying, though, so let’s move on to a happier scene.

16 - Maintenance

Oh wait…There are more raptors, and these ones want to eat children. Poor Timmy and Lexi. They are huddled up in terror in the kitchen, and while it is probably the scariest moment of their young lives, the kitchen itself is amazing. Jonas has included practically every minifigure accessory that comes in flat silver, from scissors to socket sets. The studs-down stacks of radar dishes are perfect as dinner plates. The poor raptor will probably end up smacking its head against something shiny while the kids run off to safety…

17 - Kitchen Scene

…Or not, as the raptors continue to pursue the children. Now Drs. Grant and Sattler are both back, ready to run with the kids, but just before the raptors devour Timmy as he desperately clings to the skeleton of some extinct giant, the T. Rex comes in to save the day, crushing one of the raptors in its enormous jaws. Then it flings the hapless raptor to the side and roars. Jonas captures the moment beautifully, re-using the Tyrannosaur from the tenth vignette to great effect. As great as the Rex is, the visitors center in the back is really a treat to see, with bright red rafters and lots of glass. The tree outside the window adds a tremendous amount of depth to the scene, too. Off to the side, we can visualize the Jeep and Explorer making another appearance, this time in microscale, wrapping things up and providing a fitting conclusion to an amazing series of vignettes.

18 - When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

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