A perfectly balanced blade is a beautiful thing

The blacksmith shop is a staple of custom LEGO creators, and while we typically see blacksmiths from medieval time periods or fantasy worlds, the art of metal crafting spans many time periods. This is evident in Ayrlego‘s model showing a swordsmith honing the blade of a soldier in the British military with a spinning stone in a charming colonial outpost.

Swordsmith, Port Woodhouse

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your faded bricks, check out the collection of faded white elements throughout the model. Along with some tan and dark tan parts, they give the building a nicely weathered look. Combined with the tile roof, it fits right in with the colonial architecture.

1 comment on “A perfectly balanced blade is a beautiful thing

  1. Dan

    It’s really strange to understand Brothers Brick’s opinion… here you say that faded bricks are good, in my Krak you said that it is “just a flat white wall”… although it uses faded bricks, tan, gray, etc… pfff

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