A day of winter fishing in the solace of frozen silence

A prolific LEGO builder who’s graced our pages before, Ted Andes has presented a creation I resonate with at the moment, Winter. I’m typing this from Victoria, Australia, where the frosts and bleak days have been many. This beautiful vignette, a small capture of a snowy morning on the edge of a siheyuan. I can almost feel the stillness in the air.


Andes’ parts use is always exceptional, though not just in obscure part usage. His harness on basic parts to get the maximum effect is outstanding. The bare tree is made from roughly thirteen different pieces, twisted into some outstanding, gnarled forms. See if you can spot them all — can you see any I’ve missed? The river and its edging is also another highlight for me. The 4L trans-light blue bars surrounding some fish is a nice touch, giving the impression of icy cold, rushing water. Having the land predominantly in two colours has also worked elegantly, while the simple touches of trans-clear near the edge of the river have brought it closer to the reality of the camping trips I’ve taken in winter.

2 comments on “A day of winter fishing in the solace of frozen silence

  1. Ted A.

    Thanks for blogging this build. I hadn’t even thought about how many different part types that I used for the tree, but pulled from quite a lot of different part drawers. I went back and counted and it’s 16 visible part type, plus 2 internal (short axle in the trunk, and bar holding on the base “cone”). Some of the harder to see ones are a pneumatic T, a bar with handle, and the telescope part the owl is mounted on.

    Thanks again – Ted

  2. Ben Andrews Post author

    Your welcome, Ted, Thanks for your beautiful build. It’s amazing what can be lost in amongst a black build! I’m glad I was close to the mark. Thanks for the inspiration.

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