DUPLO riot police crosses a thin blue line

DUPLO is an excellent way to engage the minds of 2-5 year olds and to introduce them to “regular” LEGO, which they would likely play with once they get a little older. The larger pieces, simple construction, and cute scenarios are ideal for little hands and developing minds. But leave a youngin’ watching a certain…animal-named news station unsupervised for fifteen minutes, and they may raid the stash of smaller bricks to build adorable DUPLO riot gear to keep the adorable DUPLO zebras from playing with the adorable DUPLO giraffes. A builder who goes by the dubious name of Paddy Bricksplitter shows us the way with this DUPLO riot frame.

Duplo Riot Frame

Plenty of LEGO System, Bionicle, and Duplo parts are mixed (you can do that, you know!) to construct this admittedly coherent mech suit armed with a high powered water cannon, tear gas launcher and a heavy duty shield. When your DUPLO denizens get too rowdy, you can bop them on their adorable DUPLO noggins with the baton. Justice is served, poopy-heads!

8 comments on “DUPLO riot police crosses a thin blue line

  1. R

    You know, your commentary would be fine if you just left your one-sided liberal views out of it. If you want to go and invent divisive perspectives, might I suggest getting a position at CNN. Lego reviews are no place for political commentary.

  2. Daffy

    Yikes. Looks like someone kicked the hornets nest. Also nice minimal effort creating names there R and JB.

  3. JB (again)

    Hi Daffy, they’re initials, no effort required!

    If you want some super secret exciting name, just call me Urocyon…

  4. invisibletimmy

    It rather saddens me that you’re telling us all not to think about politics and the government of our country, founded on the ideals of “we the people…”.

  5. Urocyon(JB)

    Not true, just that politics should be left to more appropriate blogs or forums. After all, as R said above, “Lego reviews are no place for political commentary.” Especially in the case that it’s a review of a MOC not of their own making and the creator has given it no overt political symbolism on Flickr. If it were my MOC, for example, I’d be furious.

    But even if politics had to be brought up, it’s the blatant bias that is most out of place. For those that claim to promote inclusiveness, it’s most decidedly the opposite.

    : )

  6. MixMax

    Hi! With a *riot police* themed build, it’s hard not to have any sort of political commentary on such an inherently political topic. So….yeah, I don’t really think it would’ve worked otherwise.

    About the inclusiveness thing! Would you be making these claims about “blatant bias” if the author had taken the *other* side? Just some food for thought.

    Thanks! Bye!

  7. HÃ¥kan

    It’s more or less implicitly stated as a common trope in similar dystopic sci-fi media, as well, so it didn’t really bother me much, either.

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