20 parts bird, 100 parts awesome

Here’s a little something different courtesy of aukbricks. This piece of art was created using just twenty elements, ten each in yellow and black. Compared to most LEGO models, there’s not much physical cohesion to this build. In fact, it looks like there are only two pieces actually connected to each other. The image of the bird comes from careful part placement and alignment.

Black and Yellow Bird

This is a digital render, but it could be replicated in the real world as it uses only existing part/color combinations. I particularly like the use of tentacles for the tail feathers. The bananas that do double duty as claws and as detail in the head are a close second.

2 comments on “20 parts bird, 100 parts awesome

  1. Purple Dave

    It doesn’t draw your eye right away, but there is a second instance of two connected parts in the design.

  2. Chris Doyle Post author

    Yeah, that was poor word choice on my part. There’s the 1×1 on the sun and the two curved black elements on the left. I meant to say “…only to sections connected…”

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