Charming beach house with a modern flair

Just one look at any of Sarah Beyer‘s wonderful LEGO house models and it is crystal clear that she has a passion for modern architecture, from the use of large window panels to the delightfully detailed interiors found on every house she builds. This latest warm and inviting beach house is full of interesting part usages, as well as a thoughtful eye toward creating flowing spaces that don’t feel cramped, despite their minimal size. Just one of the details that I love about this house is the use of the textured brick, both inside and outside, to bring visual interest to an otherwise plain white wall.

Orange Beach House MOC. Reflections.

The cozy kitchen features an adorable coffee pot and a seating area with chairs made from upside down ladders.

Orange Beach House MOC. Kitchen.

A display case made with window elements stands near the perfect corner for binge-watching TV.

Orange Beach House MOC. Living room.

Sarah also provides plenty of simple and easy-to-follow instructions for the furniture from this and many other houses.

Sofa Instructions (Checkered Tan House MOC)