Cargo mech brings all the boys to the yard

This purple beast isn’t just your average cargo lifter. It’s a mean, lean, hefting machine. I mean, just look at that third arm! Markus Rollbühler, a frequently featured builder on The Brothers Brick, treats us again with his latest mech creation. The level of detail is, as usual. incredible. I really like the light on the mech’s left side and the vent features next to the cockpit. The mech’s carrying capacity is only possible, however, thanks to at least eight small ball and socket joints.

Mech Monday #20: Heavy Lifter

I’m sure this mech could definitely beat down anything from Alien.

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  1. R

    I’m really impressed by the use of the General Grevious starship windscreen too (I think that’s where it’s from). It’s so well integrated that it almost looks as if it was made for the part. Fantastic work and very original. The asymmetrical design is truly fresh and unique in a field of so many that are becoming almost too closely alike nowadays.

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