Avengers, assemble!

With Avengers Endgame recently hitting theatres and climbing its way to being the highest grossing movie of all time, many fans have taken time to look back and appreciate the earlier films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For some, this comes in the form of re-watching the movies in order, but hachiroku24 was inspired to build the scene from the first Avengers movie where they all assembled for the first time.

Avengers, assemble! scene MOC

I’m a big fan of displaying minifigures grouped together how they appear in film. I’m always more impressed when they’re posed as they are on screen, and their environment is well-built. While this little vignette is beautiful just the way it is, the bridge is so well done I would like to see more of it. The structure looks quite sturdy, so I imagine it could be repeated as a full bridge, and I’m loving the simple-yet-elegant use of headlight bricks as the railing.

4 comments on “Avengers, assemble!

  1. Rahul

    Can anyone help me identify those odd pointed sand green tile pieces at the bottom of where the arcs meet? I’ve hunted all over bricklink with no luck.

  2. Optimaximal

    About the only critique of this piece is Iron Man should be flying/hovering with his repulsors charged and ready, as a key moment of the scene was him landing amongst the group as the camera panned.

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