Battlefront II comes to life with epic playset

“For the Chancellor!” This creation features the best of the 2006 video game Star Wars: Battlefront II. Built by Sebeus I, the scene illustrates an incredible canyon cliff, complete with weathered surfaces. The various tan slope elements are my favorite part, but I also like the laser fire, particularly the accurate in-game colors. To me, this model is so well done it bridges the line between realism and video game experience.

Liberation of Utapau

5 comments on “Battlefront II comes to life with epic playset

  1. R

    Too bad that this location doesn’t exist anywhere in the game. Where did this come from?

  2. The Anonymous Hutt

    First, the game came out in 2005. I know because I bought it as soon as it released, lol. Also, I don’t recall this exact location being in the game? I know that Utapau, the planet, is in the game, but I don’t remeber a multi-level area like this one. Have I just forgotten it?

  3. Sebeus

    It’s not an exact copy of a specific area in the BFII Utapau map, The whole map would be too large to build for my collection, a small part of it wouldn’t be interesting enough. So I went for some elements from all over the map concentrated within a small playset. If remember right, htere actually were some walkways high up against the cliffs, although not frequently used. And I think there were some ramps near the initial command post from the CIS.

  4. The Anonymous Hutt

    Thanks for replying, Sebeus!

    That makes more sense now, since you say you were trying to combine different areas. I believe the details you described about the in-game map are correct.

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