Episode 4 is coming....and these LEGO Game of Thrones action figures are spoiler-free

Game of Thrones is in its eighth and final season, and I’m simultaneously excited and saddened to see the series draw to a close. Omar Ovalle is also a big fan of the show, so much so, that he has been building Game of Thrones characters in the form of LEGO constraction (constructible action) figures. He has created some of the show’s key characters, such as Bran, John Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Tyrion Lannister. In order to achieve each likeness, Omar customizes his characters using polymer clay with vinyl and the occasional bit of synthetic fur. The results are delightful, so much so that its enough to stave off my anxiety over what’s going to happen in tonight’s episode.

GOT final season

First up is fan-favorite, John Snow. You might be wondering why his sword’s blade consists of a blue light saber. This blade was left unpainted, in part because Omar was partially inspired by a YouTube video, in which the Game of Thrones sword fights were edited to look like light saber duels.

The King of the North

Daenerys Targaryen may put the fire in Ice and Fire, but she looks particularly cool here. The mother of dragons even comes complete with a baby dragon.

Mother of Dragons

Then there’s the clever and cunning Tyrion Lannister. He looks spot-on here, complete with the scar on his face and a goblet of wine nearby.

Hand of the Queen

Bran Stark is one of my favorite figures in the lot, in part because of the included wheelchair.

Third Eye Raven

The wheelchair even looks good on its own.


Lastly, we can’t forget the ominous Night King. You definitely don’t want to be at the end of that spear!

Night King

Omar has been building Game of Thrones LEGO models for the past few years. You might remember us featuring his Game of Thrones house sigils back in 2016.