LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71024 Disney Series 2 Feel Guide [Review]

At the beginning of April, we brought you our full, in-depth review of 71024 Collectible Minifigures Disney Series 2, and they’re now available beginning May 1. We’re guessing that a lot of you have been eagerly anticipating getting your hands on 18 more of your favorite Disney characters. There’s just one problem: as always with the Collectible Minifigures, it can be rather difficult to get a full set, due to their blind-pack bags that conceal the identity of the contents. And that’s what we’re here to help with. We’ve sorted a full case by feel already, so here’s our handy guide to helping you feel your way through the Disney Series 2 minifigures.

71024 Collectible Minifigures Disney Series 2 are available from May 1 at The LEGO Shop online for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 CAD | UK £2.99, as well as from third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

You can download a PDF of this cheat sheet to use on your phone, or print out before you hit the stores if you’re more the paper-scroll kind of person. The tips we outline below are not the only way to identify the figures. For instance, many of the heads and hair/hat pieces are also unique, but they can be difficult to distinguish through the plastic packaging. Instead, we’ve settled on the one or two elements that are easiest to feel through the packaging and should instantly give you a positive ID.

As usual, the figures are shipped in a retail distribution case of 60, which serves as a sample of the rarity for the figures. Our case of 60 contained only two complete sets of the 18 characters, despite 3 full sets plus 6 extras being the obvious route.

Our case’s figure distribution is as follows:

Character QTY per case Character QTY per case
Huey 2 Mickey Mouse 4
Dewey 2 Minnie Mouse 4
Louie 2 Scrooge McDuck 4
Jafar 3 Chip 4
Jasmine 3 Dale 4
Hercules 3 Elsa 4
Sally 3 Anna 4
Jack Skellington 3 Hades 4
Edna Mode 3 Frozone 4

Here’s the collecting guide that’s packaged with each figure, in case you haven’t opened any of the figures yet.

As always, each of the characters includes a standard black minifigure stand, so just like the torsos they can be ignored (and to a large extent, the heads and legs as well, since they will generally serve to just confuse all but the more skilled hunters).

71024 Collectible Minifigures Disney Series 2 are available from May 1 at The LEGO Shop online for US $3.99 | CAN $4.99 CAD | UK £2.99, as well as from third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

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7 comments on “LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71024 Disney Series 2 Feel Guide [Review]

  1. Purple Dave

    The only problem I’m having is that it’s the day before street date and I haven’t found a single store that’s selling them early! The last time I had this much trouble finding them was S6, which I only ever saw once at retail (and not a sealed case, either).

  2. Legoinsel

    I heard there were several differences in QTY per case in Germany just to warn you ;)

  3. AA

    I bought an unopened box of Disney Minifigures & didn’t even get one full set! I got 17 different characters & not one Anna Minifigure. I’ve read that you are meant to get 2 full sets per box, why would this box I got not even have one full set and it was unopened and still in the original Lego box too?
    My box had:
    7 Edna
    5 Dale
    4 Frozone
    4 Mickey
    4 Minnie
    4 Elsa
    4 Scooge
    4 Hades
    3 Hercules
    3 Chip
    3 Jafar
    3 Jasmine
    3 Jack
    3 Sally
    2 Louie
    2 Dewy
    2 Hewy
    Also I don’t like what they did with the paper Minifigures guide. It’s very thin & I hate that they taped it together because now my guide has been damaged by the tape ripping the paper. I really hope Lego don’t continue doing that.

  4. Jon426

    I purchased an opened box with 59 packs and did not get any Minnies but got 8 Mickeys. The store only received one box so packs didn’t get mixed together.

  5. AA

    Jon426, pretty much the same thing happened to me yet I got 7 Ednas & no Anna. I wonder if Lego even does full sets in there boxes anymore or they just give them to brick bloggers to review. I’ve never bought a whole box before this series and this is the only series I actually wanted a full set.

  6. WL

    I saw an open box of 60 on the shelf at my local and bought it. The ratios were exactly as listed above. I will just mention that Jasmine is easier to find if you feel for her long pony tail. I found Dale, Hewy, Dewy and Louie the hardest to find. Mickey and Hades super easy. Herc just feel for the shield that has a grip on the back. Nice set. Thanks heaps for the hints :)

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