Roll a brand new car with the unknown stuntman

Let’s head back to 70s and 80s when no action movie was complete without a car chase and a pile-up. Check out Pixeljunkie‘s piece of Muscle-Car Movie Mayhem. This shot looks like a behind-the-scenes publicity image straight off the film set. There’s the director bellowing through his megaphone, the guy with the all-important clapperboard, and a nicely put-together boom camera capturing the action. The crashing cars themselves are simple enough models, but they’re well positioned. In conjunction with the dusty smoke effect, the dynamic angles suggest a high-speed crash, captured at the perfect moment.

1972 Mustangs on the movie set

1 comment on “Roll a brand new car with the unknown stuntman

  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    I believe the director is supposed to be looking through a telescopic lens, not holding a megaphone.

    Cool build, thanks for featuring it!

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