This quiet gardener’s retreat deserves a double take

Have you ever played one of those games where you look at an image and find the hidden details? They used to be in magazines, but these days there are loads of apps for them. And now, there’s even a 3D LEGO version! This greenhouse, built by César Soares, is a hidden-gem masterpiece. While there are lots of LEGO creations with incredible parts usage, this one goes above and beyond, and may be one of my absolute favorites!


No spoilers! Take a moment to scan the whole thing, and read below once you get stumped. Can’t remember where you last saw that part? We’ll fill you in on a couple of those hard-to-pinpoint pieces!

Of course, there are many gorgeous elements to the construction of this piece. The vines are lovely, the brick-work is well done, and the furniture is perfect for the space. There’s also a nice use of Scala elements. But there’s so much more! The horse bridal and fishing net used for the hanging baskets are very clever! Look closer and you’ll see red boxing mitts used for flowers, lime katanas used for spiky grass/leaves, treasure chest tops for planter boxes, and medium dark flesh gorilla fists used for shelf mounts. Look even closer and you’ll find a dark tan bucket handle for a drawer pull, dark orange 1×3 Unikitty tiles  for drawers, and even a few Modulex tiles for planters! Dying to know what that strange dark azure plant in the bottom right is? Bet you never thought Star Wars’ Max Rebo’s head could be used that way!

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