Discovering the lost bird of paradise

Last year, the LEGO Group launched an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign for LEGO Forma. With LEGO Forma sets shipping this year, it was only a matter of time until someone incorporated the skins into a custom LEGO model. Aaron Newman took fish fins and turned them into the wings of a colorful, magical bird. If you didn’t know they were from LEGO Forma, you just might think they were made for this build.

The Enormous Bird of Paradise

Adding further context to the model, Aaron created a scene in which explorers discover the majestic bird. Looking at the team members, at least one can’t handle all the colors.

Encounter in the Jungle

3 comments on “Discovering the lost bird of paradise

  1. Purple Dave

    Maybe it’s not the color scheme that has him all discombobulated, but rather the realization that he’s not much bigger than that bird’s stomach.

  2. Josh

    Or he may have seen the snake coming out of the brush! Great details and an incredible use of the skins.

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