Rolling out the dream team of steam

From the mid-1800s through the early 20th Century, the Industrial Age reached farms in the form of steam traction engines. While they were heavy and slow, they were preferred for their serious hauling capabilities. There is something captivating about these massive mechanical marvels, and that’s probably why Nikolaus Löwe built a fleet of three steam traction engines. Each one looks distinct enough to stand on its own. My favorite model is this traction engine, which is hauling a hay wagon. The vehicle’s color scheme is eye-pleasing, rendered in dark red, black, and gold. Meanwhile, the black chain links look great wrapped around the wheels.

Haywaggon for Steam Tractor

His blue, red, and tan model is equally impressive, complete with an operable crane. The wooden limb might not be LEGO, but it looks appropriate here.

Big Steam Tractor as Crane

Nikolaus also built a burly Burrell traction engine in black, orange, and tan. It was inspired by Burrell number 2789, also known as “The President.”

LEGO Burrell Road Locomotive

While not a steam traction engine, this LEGO Fendt GT tractor looks just as slick and is ready for the harvest, starting with a tiny plot of cress.

LEGO Fend GT Tractor