These life-size LEGO ice sculptures glow with elegance

When builder Tomáš Kašpařík takes on a project, you can almost bet it’s going to be unpredictable and stunning. These two statues, an athletic woman and a child, are beautiful and have a feeling of piercing tranquility. Made mostly with 1×2 transparent LEGO bricks lit with LED strips from the inside, the sculptures contain about 20,000 bricks and 10,000 bricks respectively. For them to be stable for display and transportation, the pieces are glued using similar methods to those employed in the models at Legoland.

LEGO Ice sculptures

Looking at the sculptures from different perspectives gives interesting views of these mesmerizing builds.
LEGO Ice sculptures

To give a sense of scale, here’s a person posing with the sculptures.
LEGO Ice sculptures

Don’t forget to catch Tomáš’s other amazing creations if you haven’t already seen them, such as this huge wooden roller coaster or this gigantic motorized Ferris wheel.

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