World’s largest wooden roller coaster built entirely out of LEGO

The introduction of new roller coaster parts in 70922 Joker Manor was a source of great excitement, even more so when we managed to power the roller coaster. These roller coaster endeavours pale in significance when compared to this enormous wooden-style coaster build by Chairudo. It uses nearly 90,000 LEGO pieces and took Chairudo over 800 hours to build. It’s 6.5 meters long, 1.2  meters wide, 1.4 meters tall, and has a track length of 26 meters.

Lego Rollercoaster

We actually highlighted this amazing wooden LEGO rollercoaster last year, but since then it has found a well-deserved home in Hamleys in Prague. There are two new videos now available, the first is an introduction and overview of the rollercoaster, while the second gives you a seat at the front of the ride to maximise the experience.

This build is a feat of LEGO engineering and the actual design is inspired by  El Toro at Six Flags New Jersey.  This rollercoaster works just like the real thing, with a chain pull up the steep slope before the power of gravity provides the thrills.





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  1. LEGO CoNSpiracy

    Wow, amazing build. I wonder how the builder has managed to make the railroad tracks curve so smoothly vertically, on the “mountain” peaks and troughs?

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